It is assumed that each Author of the article has made a significant contribution to its essence, or to the research carried out; or in the collection and analysis of results; or to create a new technique used in the work; or prepared the final project. It is also assumed that each Author has approved the submitted version of the manuscript and agreed to be personally responsible for the Author's contribution and to ensure that issues related to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the manuscript, even one in which the Author did not personally participate, were duly described and resolved.
     Submission of the manuscript to the Journal "Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics" means that all the Authors mentioned in the article agreed with the contents of the manuscript, and all of them submitted personal Declarations to the Journal’s Editorial Board to publish the article or transferred the right to correspond with the Editorial Board to one of the co-authors (hereinafter – Corresponding Author) by signing a certified written permission.
     The Corresponding Author is responsible for managing all correspondence between the Journal "Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics" and all co-authors before and after publication. The Corresponding Author is also responsible for filing a conflict of interest statement on behalf of all Authors.
     After accepting the article for publication, the Corresponding Author is responsible for the accuracy of the information, the correct indication of the names of the co-authors, their place of work, e-mail and other data. After the publication of the article, the Corresponding Author remains the contact person for inquiries about the published article. He/she is responsible for informing all co-authors on any issues arising in connection with the published article, and for ensuring the timely resolution of such issues.
     Authors of published materials are obliged to immediately inform the Journal when they become aware of any aspects that need to be corrected. Any changes to the List of Authors after the submission of the manuscript, such as a change in the order of Authors, removal or addition of co-authors, must be approved by each Author individually.
     The Editors of the Journal "Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics" can not investigate or resolve disputes about authorship before or after publication. Such differences, if they cannot be resolved among the Authors, should be referred to the appropriate institutional body.