Current-voltage characteristics of single-stage semiconductor magnetic pulse generators with a distinctive structure of the conversion link in the input circuit




semiconductor magnetic pulse generator, commutating choke, conversion link, electrical and energy characteristics, displacement current, energy losses dynamics


Introduction. The main feature of the semiconductor magnetic pulse generators (SMPGs) is a slow accumulation of energy in the primary capacitor and its rapid introduction into the load by using a series of sequentially connected magnetic compression stages. Initially, these devices were mainly used for pumping gas lasers, but over the last decade SMPGs have been increasingly used in electric discharge technologies for water purification and air ionization to remove toxic impurities. At the same time, along with the practice of using these devices, development has also been achieved in the principles of their design and methods of mathematical modeling. Problem. The main drawback of the existing theory of SMPG’s stationary oscillations mode is an adoption of the saturable reactor (SR) model in approximation of the static magnetization curve of its core, as well as unidirectional nature of the energy transfer from the generator to the load. In most publication the exchange processes between the power source and SR are still not covered. Goal. Study of electrical and energy characteristics of low-voltage single-stage SMPG devices with series and parallel conversion stages in the charging circuit. Methodology. To achieve the set goal, this work uses comprehensive approach relayed on technical tools of setting up the experiment, numerical methods for processing measurement results, as well as an analytical method for describing electromagnetic processes in single-stage SMPG circuits. Results. The closed current-voltage characteristics of the SR are obtained, according to which the numerical calculations of the integral magnetic and energy characteristics of the proposed models are carried out. The features of the longitudinal capacitance charging process in a SMPG’s circuit with a parallel conversion stage, which occurs simultaneously in two adjacent circuits, are explained. Analytical expressions to describe the dynamics of magnetic flux density in the SR’s core as a time-depended function are derived. Based on the obtained hysteresis curve of the core, the exchange processes of energy transfer between the power source and the SR are explained. Practical value. The results of the research can be applied in the development of low-voltage SMPG circuits with improved energy-dynamic parameters.

Author Biography

O. I. Khrysto, Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of NAS of Ukraine

PhD, Senior Researcher


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