Intelligent fuzzy back-stepping observer design based induction motor robust nonlinear sensorless control




induction motor, indirect rotor field oriented control, extended Kalman filter observer, extended Luenberger observer, fuzzy logic control, sliding mode control


Introduction. The control algorithm of Induction Motor (IM) is massively dependent on its parameters; so, any variation in these parameters (especially in rotor resistance) gives unavoidably error propagates. To avoid this problem, researches give more than solution, they have proposed Variable Structure Control (VSC), adaptive observers such as Model Reference Adaptive System, Extended Luenberger Observer (ELO) and the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF), these solutions reduce the estimated errors in flux and speed. As novelty in this paper, the model speed observer uses the estimated currents and voltages as state variables; we develop this one by an error feedback corrector. The Indirect Rotor Field Oriented Control (IRFOC) uses the correct observed value of speed; in our research, we improve the observer’s labour by using back-stepping Sliding Mode (SM) control. Purpose. To generate the pulse-width modulation inverter pulses which reduce the error due of parameters variations in very fast way. Methods. We develop for reach this goal an exploration of two different linear observers used for a high performance VSC IM drive that is robust against speed and load torque variations. Firstly, we present a three levels inverter chosen to supply the IM; we present its modelling and method of control, ending by an experiment platform to show its output signal. A block diagram of IRFOC was presented; we analyse with mathematic equations the deferent stages of modelling, showed clearly the decoupling theory and the sensorless technique of control. The study described two kinds of observers, ELO and EKF, to estimate IM speed and torque. By the next of that, we optimize the step response using the fuzzy logic, which helps the system to generate the PI controller gains. Both of the two observers are forward by SM current controller, the convergence of SM-ELO and SM-EKF structures is guaranteed by minimizing the error between actual and observed currents to zero. Results. Several results are given to show the effectiveness of proposed schemes.

Author Biographies

K. Abed, Mentouri University

Doctor on Electrical Engineering, Professor, Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Constantine (LGEC)

H. K. E. Zine, Mentouri University

PhD Student, Laboratory of Electrical Engineering of Constantine (LGEC)


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