Modeling and research of a magnetoelectric converter for hydro and pneumo actuators




magnetoelectric converter, three-dimensional magnetic field, mechanical characteristic, prototype sample


Purpose. Presentation of the results of modeling and practical implementation of a magnetoelectric converter for hydraulics and pneumatics systems of the aerospace industry. Methodology. Calculations of three-dimensional magnetic fields are carried out with the Finite Element Method by JMAG program. The solution of the differential equations connecting the input voltage, current, magnetic flux and torque is performed by numerical integration. Results. As a result of calculations, the converter configuration was obtained. Tests of the prototype model of the converter confirmed the principle workability of the adopted design and design solutions in its development. Practical value. Tests of the converter prototype sample confirmed the fundamental performance of the adopted design and constructive solutions.

Author Biographies

V. V. Rymsha, Ltd. «Electrical Engineering – New Technology»

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

I. N. Radimov, Ltd. «Electrical Engineering – New Technology»

PhD, Assistant Professor

M. V. Gulyy, Ltd. «Electrical Engineering – New Technology»



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Rymsha, V. V., Radimov, I. N., Gulyy, M. V., Babych, I. P., Kalinichenko, A. A., & Demenko, N. P. (2023). Modeling and research of a magnetoelectric converter for hydro and pneumo actuators. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (6), 21–26.



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