Field programmable gate array hardware in the loop validation of fuzzy direct torque control for induction machine drive




fuzzy control, field programmable gate array, Xilinx system generator, direct torque control, power system


Introduction. Currently, the direct torque control is very popular in industry and is of great interest to scientists in the variable speed drive of asynchronous machines. This technique provides decoupling between torque control and flux without the need to use pulse width modulation or coordinate transformation. Nevertheless, this command presents two major importunities: the switching frequency is highly variable on the one hand, and on the other hand, the amplitude of the torque and stator flux ripples remain poorly controlled throughout the considered operating speed range. The novelty of this article proposes improvements in performance of direct torque control of asynchronous machines by development of a fuzzy direct torque control algorithm. This latter makes it possible to provide solutions to the major problems of this control technique, namely: torque ripples, flux ripples, and failure to control switching frequency. Purpose. The emergence of this method has given rise to various works whose objective is to show its performance, or to provide solutions to its limitations. Indeed, this work consists in validation of a fuzzy direct torque control architecture implemented on the ML402 development kit (based on the Xilinx Virtex-4 type field programmable gate array circuit), through hardware description language (VHDL) and Xilinx generator system. The obtained results showed the robustness of the control and sensorless in front of load and parameters variation of induction motor control. The research directions of the model were determined for the subsequent implementation of results with simulation samples.

Author Biographies

A. Aib, University of M’Sila

Doctor of Electrotechnical, Research Laboratory on the Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology

D. E. Khodja, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Doctor of Electrotechnical, Professor, Signals & Systems Lab

S. Chakroune, University of M’Sila

Doctor of Electrotechnical, Professor, Research Laboratory on the Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Technology


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