Bipolar DC output fed grounded DC-AC converter for photovoltaic application




combined CUK-SEPIC converter, bipolar inverter, T-type inverter, F-type inverter, maximum power point tracking, transformerless inverter, single phase photovoltaic systems


Introduction. In recent years the usage of electricity has increased tremendously as the electrical needs and loads got increased. Hence the researchers focused on the electricity generation from renewable sources in order to promote sustainable green environment. Owing to the lesser cost and more reliable high efficiency system with reduced use of equipments became prominent for the grid connected photovoltaic single phase systems. The novelty of this proposed converters are to reduce total power loss and to analyze the performance of the converter under various modulation index and to have lesser harmonics using sinusoidal pulse width modulation technique for both T-type and F-type inverter. Interest of the work is to merge two DC-DC converters which have same output voltage in order to have transformer less utilization of power. This has given pathway to develop a new DC-DC converter network by merging the common input nodes of CUK and SEPIC converter. Purpose. This similar structure of both converters made it easy to combine the input stages of and to get bipolar output. Methods. Here we can get bipolar output without the utilization of transformer which minimizes the overall size of the proposed system. In this paper, a combined CUK-SEPIC based grid connected transformerless inverter for photovoltaic application is suggested. Results. The suggested converter is simulated using MATLAB and the results were discussed. Further the circuit is extended with a 1 kW F-type inverter to demonstrate grid connection of the converter. Practical value. This converter can be implemented for photovoltaic applications for obtaining the bipolar DC output from the DC source.

Author Biographies

R. Sindhuja, Annamalai University

Research Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

S. Padma, Annamalai University

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Technology


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