Comparative study of 220 kV overhead transmission lines models subjected to lightning strike simulation by using electromagnetic and alternative transients program




high voltage, lightning strike, electromagnetic and alternative transients program, line models


Introduction. In high voltage networks intended for the transport of electrical energy, lightning can strike an electric line striking either a phase conductor, a pylon or a ground wire, causing significant overvoltage on the transmission lines classified as stresses the most dangerous for transformer stations and electro-energy systems in general. Modeling transmission lines becomes more complicated, if the frequency dependence of resistance and serial inductance due to the effect of lightning strike in the conductors and in the earth is considered. The difficulty increases the fact that the parameters of the line can be defined and calculated only in the frequency domain, while the simulation of transients is wanted to be in the time domain. Problem. Several models (J.R. Marti, Bergeron, nominal PI, Semlyen and Noda) exist for the modeling of transmission lines, the Electromagnetic Transients Program/Alternative Transient Program software (EMTP/ATPDraw) gives the possibility to choose between these models which is delicate due to the fact that we do not have experimental results to validate and justify the choice among the models available in the software. In this context, practical value: the overhead transport line OAT-El Hassi (220 kV) of the city of Sétif located in the north east of Algeria is used for the modeling of lightning strike by using the EMTP/ATPDraw software. Originality. A comparative study of the investigation of a lightning strike on an existing high voltage transmission line by different models of existing lines in the EMTP/ATPDraw software library of this software. Results. It was concluded that the choice of the model of the line is very important given the accuracy and quality of the curves of the voltage presented at the different calculation points. 

Author Biographies

S. Boumous, Mohamed Cherif Messaidia University

Doctor of Science, Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energies

Z. Boumous, Mohamed Cherif Messaidia University

Doctor of Science, Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energies

Z. Anane, The University Ferhat Abbas of Setif

Doctor of Science, Automatic Laboratory of Setif, Faculty of Technology

H. Nouri, The University Ferhat Abbas of Setif

Professor, Automatic Laboratory of Setif, Faculty of Technology


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