Power quality improvement in distribution system based on dynamic voltage restorer using PI tuned fuzzy logic controller





dynamic voltage restorer, proportional integral controller, proportional integral tuned fuzzy logic controller, voltage source inverter, pulse-width modulation generator, total harmonic distortion


Purpose. This article proposes a new control strategy for Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) in utility grid for distribution system. The proposed DVR using PI tuned fuzzy logic scheme is based on replacement of conventional DVR and voltage sag compensation in distribution system network. The novelty of the proposed work consists in presenting an enhanced PI tuned fuzzy logic algorithm to control efficiently the dynamic voltage restorer when voltage sag is suddenly occurred. Methods. The proposed algorithm which provides sophisticated and cost-effective solution for power quality problems. Our strategy is based on tuned fuzzy control of reactive powers and also closed loop for harmonic reduction in distribution system. The proposed control technique strategy is validated using MATLAB / Simulink software to analysis the working performances. Results. The results obtained clearly show that DVR using PI tuned fuzzy logic have good performances (sag compensation, harmonic reduction) compared to conventional DVR. Originality. Compensation of voltage sag/ swell in distribution for reactive power and current harmonic reduction by using DVR based PI tuned fuzzy logic controller. Practical value. The work concerns the comparative study and the application of DVR based on PI tuned fuzzy techniques to achieve a good performance control system of the distribution system. This article presents a comparative study between the conventional DVR control and PI tuned fuzzy DVR control. The strategy based on the use of a PI tuned fuzzy controller algorithm for the control of the continuous voltage sag and harmonic for the distribution network-linear as well as non-linear loads in efficient manner. The study is validated by the simulation results based on MATLAB / Simulink software.

Author Biographies

S. Gopal Reddy, Annamalai University

PhD, Research Scholar, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

S. Ganapathy, Annamalai University

Dr., Faculty of Engineering and Technology

M. Manikandan, Jyothishmathi Institute of Technology and Science



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