Method of integro-differential equations for interpreting the results of vertical electrical sounding of the soil




electrical substation, grounding arrangements, vertical electrical sounding, Schlumberger method, method of integro-differential equations


The paper is devoted to the problem of determining the geoelectric structure of the soil within the procedure of testing the grounding arrangements of existing power plants and substations to the required depth in conditions of dense development. To solve the problem, it was proposed to use the Schlumbergers method , which has a greater sounding depth compared to the Wenner electrode array. The purpose of the work is to develop a mathematical model for interpreting the results of soil sounding by the Schlumberger method in the form of a four-layer geoelectric structure. Methodology. To construct a mathematical model, it is proposed to use the solution of a particular problem about the field of a point current source, which, like the observation point, is located in the first layer of a four-layer soil. Based on this expressions, a system of linear algebraic equations of the 7-th order with respect to the unknown coefficients ai and bi was compiled. On the basis of its analytical solution, an expression for the potential of the electric field was obtained for conducting VES (the point current source and the observation point are located only on the soil surface). Results. Comparison of the results of soil sounding by the Schlumberger installation and the interpretation of its results for the same points shows a sufficient degree of approximation: the maximum relative error does not exceed 9.7 % (for the second point), and the average relative error is 3.6 %. Originality. Based on the obtained expression, a test version of the program was implemented in Visual Basic for Applications to interpret the results of VES by the Schlumberger method. To check the obtained expressions, the interpretation of the VES results was carried out on the territory of a 150 kV substation of one of the mining and processing plants in the city of Kriviy Rih. Practical significance. The developed mathematical model will make it possible to increase the sounding depth, and, consequently, the accuracy of determining the standardized parameters of the grounding arrangements of power stations and substations.

Author Biographies

D. G. Koliushko, National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

PhD, Senior Research Scientist

S. S. Rudenko, National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»

PhD, Senior Research Scientist

A. N. Saliba, TMC Group

General Manager, Postgraduate Student


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Koliushko, D. G., Rudenko, S. S., & Saliba, A. N. (2021). Method of integro-differential equations for interpreting the results of vertical electrical sounding of the soil. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (5), 67–70.



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