Management of power consumption in a photovoltaic system with a storage battery connected to the network with multi-zone electricity pricing to supply the local facility own needs




multi-zone electricity pricing, energy redistribution, storage battery state of charge, PWM, recommended load scenarios with current correction, simulation


Purpose. Improving the principles of management of photovoltaic system with storage battery and with autonomous functioning during daylight hours for a local object, connected to the grid with multi-zone payment when excluding the generation of energy into the grid. Methodology. Modeling and analysis of energy processes in the photovoltaic system was performed using the Matlab software package. The simulation model of energy processes is based on calculated expressions taking into account the characteristics of the battery. Operability of the proposed solutions are confirmed on an experimental setup based on a standard hybrid inverter. Results. It’s shown, that due to the battery energy during the most loaded peak hours and part of the daytime the system operates autonomously and does not depend on possible violations of the quality of electricity in the grid. Scenarios of the recommended load schedule are proposed in accordance with the ratio of the predicted value of the daily energy generation of the photovoltaic battery to its possible maximum value. A simulation model of energy processes in the system with the correction of the recommended load value was developed. Originality. A method of the recommended load calculation with current correction for the actual generation and degree of battery charge is proposed, which allows taking into account differences the actual generation of the photovoltaic battery from its predicted value and the actual load from the recommended one. Practical value. The obtained solutions are the basis for the design of new and modernization of existing photovoltaic systems of local objects using software and hardware complexes for power consumption management.

Author Biographies

A. A. Shavelkin, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

J. Gerlici, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic

Professor, Dr. Ing.

I. O. Shvedchykova, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Ukraine

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

K. Kravchenko, University of Žilina, Slovak Republic



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Shavelkin, A. A. ., Gerlici, J. ., Shvedchykova, I. O., Kravchenko, K. ., & Kruhliak, H. V. . (2021). Management of power consumption in a photovoltaic system with a storage battery connected to the network with multi-zone electricity pricing to supply the local facility own needs. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (2), 36–42.



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