ultra-high-voltage high-current generator of voltage and current pulses, technical objects of military use, standards of tests for electromagnetic compatibility and lightning resistance


Purpose. Development and evaluation, on the basis of existing ultra-high-voltage generator of pulsed voltages and currents of GINT-4 type, of the new scheme of design of its charging-discharging circuit (CDC), and creation of modernized powerful ultra-high-voltage high-current generator of GINT-2 type to form microsecond voltage pulses with amplitudes up to ±2 MV and current with amplitude up to ±150 kA in the electrical load, with electrical energy stored in its capacitive energy storage (CES) up to 1 MJ. Methodology. Fundamentals of theoretical and applied electrical engineering, electrical power engineering, electrophysical principles of high-voltage and high pulsed current engineering, fundamentals of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), instrument engineering, high-voltage instrumentation and standardization. Results. The new scheme of design of CDC of the modernized powerful ultra-high-voltage, heavy-current generator of GINT-2 type of outdoor placement, that allows obtaining, with preservation of the main electrotechnical elemental base of existing powerful prototype generator GINT-4 (rated output voltage ±4 MV with rated electrical energy stored in CES of 1 MJ and maximal amplitude of output current  pulse in  electrical  load up  to ±75 kA) pulses of current of microsecond duration with doubled amplitude (up to ±150 kA) in the long (from 1 to 4 m length) air gap of standard two-electrode discharging «needle-plane» system, in comparison with parameters of current pulses with amplitudes up to ±75 kA that are formed in the discharging circuit of generator of GINT-4 type with the use of the analogous air discharging system, has been developed. Experimental evaluations of the developed new discharging circuit in CDC of the modernized generator of GINT-4 type has been performed in field conditions, and its advantages over the old discharging circuit in composition of CDC of generator of GINT-4 type have been shown. Calculated evaluations of rise rates of high pulsed current (HPC) in plasma channel of air spark discharge of CES with energy up to 1 MJ of generator of GINT-2 type, and strength of electric and magnetic field that are formed around this high-current channel of spark discharge and are powerful electromagnetic interference (PEMI) for objects of armaments and military equipment (OAME) were performed. It was shown that rise rates of HPC obtained for generator GINT-2 in the channel of long air spark discharge (of artificial lightning) and PEMI around this channel practically satisfy strict requirements of the NATO Standards AESTP-250: 2014 and USA MIL-STD-464C: 2010. Originality. The new scheme of design of CDC in composition of the modernized powerful ultra-high-voltage high-current generator of GINT-2 type (developer – Research & Design Institute «Molniya» of NTU «KhPI»), satisfying requirements of the mentioned standards for full-scale tests of OAME for EMC and immunity to action on them of PEMI from long atmospheric spark electric discharges (lightning) was developed for the first time. Practical value. Application of the created ultra-high-voltage high-current generator of GINT-2 type in tests of OAME for EMC and immunity to action on them of PEMI from artificial lightning will assist increase in reliability of OAME functioning in conditions of damaging (destabilizing) action on them HPC and PEMI of natural and artificial origin.


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