• G. V. Bezprozvannych National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9584-3611
  • I. A. Kostiukov National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine




dielectric absorption parameters, capacitance, dielectric loss tangent, spectrum of time series, low-pass filter, decomposition levels, approximation and detail, wavelet transform


Introduction. In the objects of control there are always a number of interfaces, for example, solid insulation – electrode. On contacting surfaces, free surface charges are transferred. Surface conductivity leads to fluctuations in the measured values of the capacitance and the tangent of the dielectric loss angle of solid insulation, the state of which is determined. The drain off of the surface charge does not lead to a decrease in the scatter of the measured dielectric absorption parameters. One of the main reasons for the significant time spread of the dielectric absorption parameters, and to a large extent (three orders of magnitude) of the dielectric loss tangent are tribo charges caused by triboelectrification of cable structural elements. Tribo charges cause internal noise in electrical insulating structures, masking processes in the polymer insulation itself. Purpose. Substantiation of a method for analyzing the time series of dielectric absorption parameters, which provides increased accuracy of control and diagnostics of solid polymer insulation of electrical insulation structures based on filtering experimental data using wavelet transform. Methodology. The inefficiency of filtering the spectra of time series using a low filter based on the direct Fourier transform is shown. Multilevel wavelet decomposition of the time series of parameters is presented, and the efficiency of applying wavelet transforms to identify high-frequency and low-frequency components in the measured values. Practical value. The method of analyzing the time series of dielectric absorption parameters using the wavelet transform, proposed for the first time, makes it possible to increase the accuracy of monitoring and diagnostics of solid polymer insulation both at the manufacturing stage and in the operation of electrical insulating structures. This method is the basis for creating a database of control results for assessing the state of solid polymer insulation of electrical insulation structures, in particular, power and information cables. 


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