switched reluctance motor, periodic load, characteristics, efficiency, rotation frequency ripples


Purpose. The purpose of the article is to create dependencies of efficiency on effective power when changing the supply voltage and switching angles, pulsation speeds of the rotor from the moment of inertia of the drive and mechanical characteristics of switched-reluctance motors with a periodic load, developing recommendations to ensure their effective and reliable operating modes in single-cylinder piston compressors. Methodology. To carry out research simulation mathematic modeling was used, to calculate the nonlinear inductance dependence on current and rotor angle, the finite element method. Results. The measures of improve the efficiency and reliability of drives single-cylinder piston compressors on the basis of the SRM has been proposed. Originality. Approaches that provide maximum efficiency values and a regulated level of ripple speeds of rotors SRM of single-cylinder reciprocating compressors in the operating frequency control range, with periodic load have been developed. Practical value. Algorithm for changing the supply voltage and switching angles of the SRM of single-cylinder compressors, which provides maximum efficiency values SRM when the rotational speed changes within the 1:6 range, has been developed. The minimum values of the moments of inertia of the drive of single-cylinder compressors, providing a regulated level of pulsations of the rotational speed of the rotor SRM with its regulation, were determined. 


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Bibik, O. V., Mazurenko, L. I., & Shykhnenko, M. O. (2019). FORMATION OF CHARACTERISTICS OF OPERATING MODES OF SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTORS WITH PERIODIC LOAD. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (4), 12–16.



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