superconducting magnetic energy storage, parametric analysis, stray magnetic field


Purpose. To carry out a parametric analysis of superconducting toroidal magnetic systems with a discrete winding, establishing the possibility of using an idealized model in the form of a toroidal current surface and an approximate method for determining the level of fields of scattering of a real magnetic system. Methodology. The calculation of the distribution of the magnetic flux density in the winding, the field of scattering and energy of the storage’s field was carried out using asymptotic methods for solution of the problems of electrodynamics in systems with massive curvilinear conductors with current. An iterative calculation procedure was used to determine the dimensionless characteristics. Results. The dimensionless characteristics of a toroidal magnetic system with a winding in the form of individual superconducting coils of circular shape are calculated. The results are obtained depending on the value of the storage's energy capacity for various values of the relative radial size of the torus. For a toroidal superconducting storage device with energy capacity of 450 MJ, enough to perform the function of damping irregular oscillations of power transmitted over the transmission line, magnetic fields of scattering are calculated for different numbers of coils and torus section sizes. Originality. Based on a comparison of the values of dimensionless characteristics calculated for a system with individual coils, and for an idealized mathematical model of a continuous current surface, it was established that the relative deviation of the dimensionless characteristics does not exceed 10 %. In contrast to the idealized model, the magnetic field of a toroidal system composed of individual coils spreads beyond the toroidal surface and decreases the faster, the smaller the relative radial sectional size of the torus, the greater the number of coils used and the closer they are to each other. Practical value. The results obtained for dimensionless characteristics allow to conclude that the idealized model can be used at the first stage of the development of a superconducting inductive storage. The estimation of the field of scattering can be made on the basis of a simple model of unidirectional current filaments.


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