electromagnets, dynamics, forced control, switching devices, vacuum contactors, computing environment Maple


General description of the research topic. The authors propose a technique for calculating the dynamics of electromagnets operating in complex forced systems. Such forced electromagnets are widely used in electromechanical switching devices, in particular in vacuum contactors, to reduce their size, energy consumption and to increase speed, which indicates the relevance of this topic. A mathematical model of the dynamics of a forced electromagnetic system, which takes into account the peculiarities of behavior in transients of its individual elements the mechanical system, the magnetic and electrical circuits, taking into account the interaction of the electromagnet with a control device when the apparatus is activated, contains certain signs of scientific novelty and is the purpose of the paper. The technique of calculating the dynamics of forced electromagnets uses the computing environment Maple. The calculation is based on a mathematical model, which is a system of nonlinear differential equations of the magnetic and electric circuits, supplemented by the equations of motion of the elements of a mechanical system. The use of the computing environment Maple, applied here to automatically perform the mathematical transformations, allows avoiding the complicated processes of choosing the numerical integration method, programming of complex and cumbersome equations and numerical integration procedures, to obtain results of calculations in convenient tabular and/or graphic form. This specifically indicates the practical significance of this work. The results of the comparison of calculations with previously published experimental data presented in the paper indicate the high efficiency of the proposed models and techniques.


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Baida, E. I., Clemens, M., Klymenko, B. V., Korol, O. G., & Pustovoitov, P. Y. (2019). APPLICATION OF THE COMPUTING ENVIRONMENT MAPLE TO THE CALCULATION OF THE DYNAMICS OF THE ELECTROMAGNETS IN THE COMPLICATED SYSTEMS OF FORCED CONTROL. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (3), 18–23.



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