surface eddy current probe, eddy currents density distribution, excitation structure, mathematical model, optimal synthesis, computer experiment plan, LPτ–sequence, RBF–metamodel, neural networks committee


Introduction. The work is devoted to metamodels creation of surface circular concentric eddy current probe. Formulation of the problem. In the problem of surface circular concentric eddy current probe synthesis in the general formulation, apriori given desired eddy currents density distribution in the control zone was used. The realization of the optimal synthesis problem involves a multiple solution to the analysis problem for each current structure of numerical calculations excitation, which are very costly in terms of computational and time costs, which makes it impossible to solve the synthesis problem in the classical formulation. By solving the critical resource intensiveness problem, there is the surrogate optimization technology using of that uses the surface circular concentric eddy current probe metamodel, which is much simpler in realization and is an approximation of the exact electrodynamic model. Goal. Creation of surface circular concentric eddy current probe RBF-metamodels, which can be used to calculate eddy currents density distribution in the control zone and suitable for use in optimal synthesis problems. Method. To develop an approximation model, a mathematical apparatus for artificial neural networks, namely, RBF–networks, has been used, whose accuracy has been increased with the help of the neural networks committee. Correction of errors in the committee was reduced by applying the bagging procedure. During the network training the regularization technique is used, which avoids re-learning the neural network. The computer experiment plan was performed using the Sobol LPt–sequences. The obtained multivariable regression model quality evaluation was performed by checking the response surface reproducibility correctness in the entire region of variables variation. Results. The modelling of eddy currents density distribution calculations on exact electrodynamic mathematical models in the experimental plan points are carried out. For the immovable and moving surface circular concentric eddy current probe, RBF–metamodels were constructed with varying spatial coordinates and radius. Scientific novelty. Software was developed for eddy currents density distribution calculation in the surface circular concentric eddy current probe control zone taking into account the speed effect on exact electrodynamic mathematical models and for forming experiment plan points using the Sobol LPt–sequences. The geometric surface circular concentric eddy current probe excitation structures models with homogeneous sensitivity for their optimal synthesis taking into account the speed effect are proposed. Improved computing technology for constructing metamodels. The RBF-metamodels of the surface circular concentric eddy current probe are built and based on the speed effect. Practical significance. The work results can be used in the surface circular concentric eddy current probe synthesis with an apriori given eddy currents density distribution in the control zone. 


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