electromagnet, spacecraft control system, non-uniformly magnetized core, integral equation, fictitious magnetic charge, magnetization curve, magnetic moment of the core


Purpose. Analysis of inhomogeneous magnetization of long cylindrical permalloy 50N cores by a uniform constant magnetic field and the influence of length and field level on their magnetic moment. Methodology. The magnetostatic field of a non-uniformly magnetized in a uniform magnetic field long cylindrical core of an electromagnet of a spacecraft control system is considered. To calculate this field, a transformation of the integral equation with respect to the density of fictitious magnetic charges, as well as an iterative algorithm for its numerical solution, are proposed. Results. The convergence of the algorithm and the fact that the magnetic moment of the core depends heavily on its length and the level of the external magnetic field is shown. We have made an analysis of the influence of the length of a permalloy 50N core in the entire range of the magnetization curve and the level of a uniform external magnetic field on the axial projection of the magnetic moment of the core. Originality. The use of an almost equal distribution of the axial projection of the resulting magnetic field in the cross sections of the greater part of the cylindrical core and its division into cylindrical elements can significantly reduce the order of the system of algebraic equations approximating the integral equation for the surface density of fictitious magnetic charges for its numerical solution. Practical value. Recommendations regarding the level of the external field created by the electromagnet coil, the increase of the magnetic moment in cases of long cores and the choice of the number of cylindrical elements depending on the length of the core are given. 


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