• N. I. Boyko National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine




spark gap discharger, generator, switch, transistor, SOS-diode, high-voltage pulse transformer, pulse repetition frequency, capacitive storage, inductance, load resistance


Purpose. Purpose of the article is to show the possibility of joint efficient operation of semiconductor switches and spark arresters in high-powerful high-voltage generators for obtaining nanosecond and shorter pulse fronts on a high-voltage load. Methodology. The variants of generators of power high-voltage pulses with semiconductor switches in the form of IGBT-transistors, SOS-diodes and spark dischargers as pulse front peaking spark gaps are considered. A scheme is proposed for such a generator of high-voltage pulses with nanosecond front on the basis of a linear pulsed transformer in the Tesla scheme. Results. On the complex load of the generator in the form of a serial connection of a gas bubble in water with a discharge in it and a layer of water under the bubble, voltage pulses with an amplitude of 23 kV and current pulses with an amplitude of 15 A were obtained. In this case, the pulse front, both voltage and current, on the levels 0.1-0.9, was approximately 10 ns, and the repetition rate of pulses in the load ranged from 1200 to 5000 pulses per second. Originality. A scheme is proposed for a generator of high-voltage pulses with a nanosecond front. The difference of the proposed generator with a nanosecond front, high pulse repetition rate, using its high-voltage and low-voltage circuits in the discharge circuit, is the presence in its composition of a linear pulse transformer and a system of peaking of pulse front using SOS diodes and spark gaps. Practical value. These generators considered in this work can find wide application in high-voltage technologies, including decontaminating water treatment, water purification by electric discharges.


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