active power filter, pq-theory of instantaneous power, relay current control, effective current value, hysteresis zone


Purpose. The purpose of the work is to develop a method of limiting the maximum allowable level of current of a three-phase active power filter in conditions of overload or short circuit and a system for the implementation of the method. Methodology. For research purposes, the provisions of the pq-theory of instantaneous power, the method of the theory of automatic control in systems with relay controllers, and the methods of simulation in the visual programming environment were used. Results. Both the overloading mode and the short circuit emergency mode, using the proposed solution, do not lead to significant changes in the voltage level on the accumulation capacitor, thus maintaining the stability of the power part of the active power filter. Originality. In the case of temporary overloads of current and short circuits at the network node to which a active power filter is connected, the current's limiting is performed by scaling the current to the level allowed by normal operation of the semiconductor elements of the device, which allows the basic operating algorithm to be implemented in the specified modes. Practical value. The proposed solution can be used as a mean to protect the power part of the device in case of overload, which, in the event of emergencies, and their elimination will automatically restore the normal mode of the device.


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