turbo-generator, modernization, design synthesis, mathematical model, Lua script, FEMM program, numerical-field calculations, electromagnetic parameters


Purpose. The work is dedicated to the presentation of the principle of construction and implementation of an automated synthesis system of the turbo-generator (TG) electromagnetic system in the case of its modernization. This is done on the example of changing the number of the stator core slots. Methodology. The basis of the synthesis is a TG basic construction. Its structure includes the mathematical and physical-geometrical models, as well as the calculation model for the FEMM software environment, providing the numerical calculations of the magnetic fields and electromagnetic parameters of TG. The mathematical model links the changing and basic dimensions and parameters of the electromagnetic system, provided that the TG power parameters are ensured. The physical-geometrical model is the geometric mapping of the electromagnetic system with the specified physical properties of its elements. This model converts the TG electromagnetic system in a calculation model for the FEMM program. Results. Testing of the created synthesis system is carried out on the example of the 340 MW TG. The geometric, electromagnetic and power parameters of its basic construction and its new variants at the different numbers of the stator slots are compared. The harmonic analysis of the temporal function of the stator winding EMF is also made for the variants being compared. Originality. The mathematical model, relating the new and base parameters of TG at the changing of the number of the stator slots is created. A Lua script, providing the numerical-field calculations of the TG electromagnetic parameters in the FEMM software environment is worked out. Construction of the constructive and calculation models, the numerical-field calculations and delivery of results are performed by a computer automatically, that ensures high efficiency of the TG design process. Practical value. The considered version of the TG modernization on the example of changing the number of the stator core slots provided an opportunity for the presentation of the principle of construction and implementation of design synthesis system. For the practical use in the TG designing process, the developed and presented system can be more detailed with specifying the individual components of the mathematical model and expanded for varying other parameters of TG and optimizing its design.

Author Biography

V. I. Milykh, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor


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Milykh, V. I. (2016). A TURBO-GENERATOR DESIGN SYNTHESIS BASED ON THE NUMERICAL-FIELD CALCULATIONS AT VARYING THE NUMBER OF STATOR SLOTS. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (6), 19–25. https://doi.org/10.20998/2074-272X.2016.6.04



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