rolling rotor motor, time constant, positioning control, dynamics


Purpose. Development and investigation of a dynamic model of electric drive on the base of the rolling rotor motor (RRM) which reflects the positioning of the actuator of the locking and regulating equipment in time. Methodology. Analytical description of electromagnetic and mechanical processes in the electric drive during the RRM shaft movement by using a system of differential equations. Numerical imitation modeling with the processes visualization in the Matlab environment of the RRM rotor displacement with mechanical load in time. Results. It is shown that the degree of influence of the value of the load inertia on the dynamics of the object obtained by the waveform changes the rotation angle of the rotor and motor speed in time. The degree of influence of the value of the electromagnetic time constant of the dynamics of the positioning of the actuator, and the nature of transients during acceleration and fixing position of the rotor with a predetermined moment of inertia for different values of inductance. The effect of the ratio of electromechanical and electromagnetic time constants of the nature of the transition processes accompanying jog mode angular displacement of the drive shaft on the base of RRM. Originality. The lack of technical means to ensure acceptable accuracy time measurement of angular displacement shaft of the actuator in jog mode offset by using a laser meter which gives the opportunity to assess the adequacy of the dynamic model of the RRM. Practical value. The results of investigations allow to create a tool for optimization of structural, technical and hardware and software solutions for the improvement and modernization of the projected electric locking and regulating equipment. The direction for improving the dynamics of the drive on the basis of RRM is indicated providing for an increase in its torque characteristics of the motor by reducing the influence of the parameters of transients.


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