• V. S. Petrushin Оdessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine
  • L. Y. Bielikova Оdessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine
  • Y. R. Plotkin HWR Berlin, Alt Friedrichsfelde 60, 10315 Berlin, Germany, Germany
  • R. N. Yenoktaiev Оdessa National Polytechnic University, Ukraine



adjustable high-order induction motor, semiconductor frequency converter, mathematical modelling, regulation curves, stator winding, vibroacoustic indicators


Purpose. Development of mathematical models of adjustable electrical drives with high-phase order induction motors for their merits analysis at static and dynamical modes. Methodology. At the mathematical modeling main kinds of physical processes taking place in the high-phase order induction motors are considered: electromagnetic, electromechanical, energetic, thermal, mechanical, vibroacoustic ones. Besides, functional as well as mass, frame and value indicators of frequency converters are taking into account which permits to consider technical and economical aspects of the adjustable induction electrical drives. Creation of high-phase order induction motors’ modifications in possible on the base of a stock 3-phase motors of basic design. Polyphase supply of induction motors is guaranteed by a number of the adjustable electrical drives’ power circuits. Results. Modelling of a number of adjustable electrical drives with induction motors of different phase number working on the same load by its character, value and required adjustment range is carried out. At the utilization of the family of characteristics including mechanical ones at different adjustment parameters on which loading mechanism’s characteristics are superimposed regulation curves representing dependences of electrical, energetic, thermal, mechanical, vibroacoustic quantities on the motors’ number of revolutions are obtained. Originality. The proposed complex models of adjustable electrical drives with high-phase order induction motors give a possibility to carry out the grounded choice of the drive’s acceptable variant. Besides, they can be used as design models at the development of adjustable high-phase order induction motors. Practical value. The investigated change of vibroacoustic indicators at static and dynamical modes has been determined decrease of these indicators in the drives with number of phase exceeding 3.

Author Biographies

V. S. Petrushin, Оdessa National Polytechnic University

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

L. Y. Bielikova, Оdessa National Polytechnic University

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor

Y. R. Plotkin, HWR Berlin, Alt Friedrichsfelde 60, 10315 Berlin, Germany

к.т.н., проф.

R. N. Yenoktaiev, Оdessa National Polytechnic University

Postgraduate Student


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Petrushin, V. S., Bielikova, L. Y., Plotkin, Y. R., & Yenoktaiev, R. N. (2016). COMPARISON OF ADJUSTABLE HIGH-PHASE ORDER INDUCTION MOTORS’ MERITS. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (1), 38–41.



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