wind power, wind turbines, electric machine inductor, transformer-machine unit, pole stator winding, generator


Background. Electric generators of wind turbines must meet the following requirements: they must be multi-pole; to have a minimum size and weight; to be non-contact, but controlled; to ensure the maximum possible output voltage when working on the power supply system. Multipole and contactless are relatively simply realized in the synchronous generator with permanent magnet excitation and synchronous inductor generator with electromagnetic excitation; moreover the first one has a disadvantage that there is no possibility to control the output voltage, and the second one has a low magnetic leakage coefficient with the appropriate consequences. Purpose. To compare machine dimensions and weight of the transformer unit with induction generators and is an opportunity to prove their application for systems with low RMS-growth rotation. Methodology. A new design of the electric inductor machine called in technical literature as machine-transformer unit (MTU) is presented. A ratio for estimated capacity determination of such units is obtained. Results. In a specific example it is shown that estimated power of MTU may exceed the same one for traditional synchronous machines at the same dimensions. The MTU design allows placement of stator coil at some distance from the rotating parts of the machine, namely, in a closed container filled with insulating liquid. This will increase capacity by means of more efficient cooling of coil, as well as to increase the output voltage of the MTU as a generator to a level of 35 kV or more. The recommendations on the certain parameters selection of the MTU stator winding are presented. The formulas for copper cost calculating on the MTU field winding and synchronous salient-pole generator are developed. In a specific example it is shown that such costs in synchronous generator exceed 2.5 times the similar ones in the MTU.

Author Biographies

D. V. Tsyplenkov, State Higher Education Institution «National Mining University»

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor

A. M. Grebeniuk, State Higher Education Institution «National Mining University»

Candidate of Technical Science, Associate Professor

M. S. Kyrychenko, State Higher Education Institution «National Mining University»

Assistant Lecturer

O. V. Bobrov, State Higher Education Institution «National Mining University»

Candidate of Technical Science


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Panchenko, V. I., Tsyplenkov, D. V., Grebeniuk, A. M., Kyrychenko, M. S., & Bobrov, O. V. (2016). MACHINE-TRANSFORMER UNITS FOR WIND TURBINES. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (1), 33–37.



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