• A. A. Petkov National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine



pulses generator, magnetic field, pulse form, element parameters


Purpose. Determination of areas ratio of the parameters of the discharge circuit elements of the generator, which ensure the formation of magnetic field pulses of different shapes. Methodology. Numerical simulation using dimensionless variables that determine the nature of the transition process in the discharge circuit of the generator, and use the procedure for determining the pulse points of meeting the conditions of extremum and the transition through zero. Results. Obtained a description of the formation of the three specific areas of waveforms: oscillatory weakly damped oscillatory strongly damped and unipolar pulse with a monotonic rise and fall values. A relation to the choice of parameters of elements of the discharge circuit of the generator, which formed unipolar pulses with a monotonic rise and fall values. Originality. A completed and extended database that implements the mapping of the formal description of the pulse shape with a description of areas ratio parameters for high-voltage pulse discharge circuit test units, with respect to the pulses of current flowing in the formation of the magnetic field. Practical value. The relations obtained allow to select the parameters of the discharge circuit elements of the generator designed to generate test pulses of magnetic field.

Author Biography

A. A. Petkov, National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

профессор кафедры "Инженерная электрофизика"


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