• V. S. Grinchenko State Institution "Institute of Technical Problems of Magnetism of the NAS of Ukraine", Ukraine
  • K. V. Chunikhin State Institution "Institute of Technical Problems of Magnetism of the NAS of Ukraine", Ukraine



circular passive loop, electromagnetic shielding, analytical modeling, Comsol Multiphysics


The magnetic and electromagnetic shields are used to reduce the magnetic field in local spaces. Usually these shields are implemented in the form of a box or a cylinder. At the same time the magnetic field reduction in local spaces by means of passive loops is not considered in detail yet. So, the present study considers shielding capabilities of a circular passive loop. The authors have performed an analytical and numerical modeling of a process of a uniform harmonic magnetic field shielding. The simulated results permit to find out the spatial distribution of the shielded magnetic field. Dependencies of shielding effectiveness on the passive loop radius and cross-section are determined. Moreover, the non-monotonic behavior of the loop radius dependence is shown. We have substantiated that the shielded volume of a circular passive loop is advisable to limit by the sphere with a half loop radius. Presented results give parameters of the circular passive loop that reduces the rms value of the magnetic flux density by 30 %.


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Grinchenko, V. S., & Chunikhin, K. V. (2015). SHIELDING OF A UNIFORM ALTERNATING MAGNETIC FIELD USING A CIRCULAR PASSIVE LOOP. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (2), 31–34.



Theoretical Electrical Engineering