Induction heating of rotating nonmagnetic billet in magnetic field produced by high-parameter permanent magnets


  • Ivo Doležel Czech Technical University, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Institute of Thermomechanics), Czechia
  • Pavel Karban University of West Bohemia, Czechia
  • Frantisek Mach University of West Bohemia, Czechia



induction heating in rotation, monolithic model, higher-order finite element method, magnetic field, temperature field


An advanced way of induction heating of nonmagnetic billets is discussed and modeled. The billet rotates in a stationary magnetic field produced by unmoving high-parameter permanent magnets fixed on magnetic circuit of an appropriate shape. The mathematical model of the problem consisting of two coupled partial differential equations is solved numerically, in the monolithic formulation. Computations are carried out using our own code Agros2D based on a fully adaptive higher-order finite element method. The most important results are verified experimentally on our own laboratory device.


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Doležel, I., Karban, P., & Mach, F. (2014). Induction heating of rotating nonmagnetic billet in magnetic field produced by high-parameter permanent magnets. Electrical Engineering & Electromechanics, (2), 32–36.



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